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About The Founder

Hey there! I'm Milenka, and I'm the proud founder of CoshyCreations, LLC. I'm a seasoned graphic designer and artist who enjoys drawing on the iPad, loves Jesus, and treasures spending time with my kids and husband. I'm also a mom to four adorable pets: My parrot, Lilo, my dog Poochy, and my two finches, Natu and Penny. We consider our pets a part of our family and adore them to bits!

As a pet mom, I understand the special bond between pets and their owners. That's why I decided to combine my passion for drawing, spreading the love of God, and love for pets to create CoshyCreations. Initially, I began by drawing my pets and using their cute faces to create stickers and mugs. However, I soon realized I could expand my business beyond pet-related products. I began to make art and put it on stickers, keychains, and t-shirts in bright colors with positive messages for anyone and any occasion.

Coshy comes from a silly nickname my kids and I gave our furry friend Poochy. Coshy means cute, adorable, and loving in our family, derived from the Spanish word "cosita."

At CoshyCreations, we're all about celebrating love. That's why we offer personalized, hand-drawn products and premade items to showcase your love to your furry friends and loved ones and, ultimately, experience God's love for you.


Thank you for visiting my online store! 


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